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Mental Coach

+25 years of experience
gained in business

+15 years of experience
matured as 

+7 years of experience
matured as 
Professional Mental Coach


I was born on September 3, 1977 which they tell me was a year of great changes and important events around the globe. The year of color TV in Italy, of great social changes in the western world as well as that of a new US president Jimmy Carter also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

First of 3 children and first ever grandchild of a very large family with 14 cousins. This was a great fortune for me for the evolution of my character because it spurred me since I was a teenager to follow a behavior that was always an example for others including my younger family members.

These big and strong changes that took place in 1977 inspired me as a boy to look at things with a creative spirit and know how to ask myself the right questions to get further answers in my personal journey. I have inherited many ofquality of my familygrandparents and parents in particular such as thecourage, will and hunger for wisdomthat I carry inside like the greatest treasures. All this without ever forgetting my origins and I maintain that pinch of "Sardinian stubbornness" that pushes me to go on through the ups and downs of the daily routine. In addition to my family, I learned to behave following team dynamics from sport: basketball which I have practiced since my adolescence and which has made me grow over the years up to the university period which was very satisfying. ​I always keep myself trained to take care of my body and give further stimuli to my mind through training and constant study.

Throughout my life I have made learning by listening and carefully observing people older (and capable) than Me my must. This has allowed me an evolutionary path that distinguishes me in terms of a "SUPER-Optimistic" attitude towards the people with whom I have shared and still share a piece of my life.

My personal and professional journey began in Sardinia in 1998 as a commercial agent, after the three-year university period, where I lived until 2006, the year in which I became an Emilian in all respects. Before arriving in Modena, I was still an agent in public establishments for Sky Italia and Commercial Director of a small IT services company in Sulcis. Here I learned the foresight and honed my web skills that allow me to always be attentive to the news that are always faster in the internet world. Thanks to the internet, over the years I have developed a strong approach to problem solving in having followed, as clients, many companies throughout Northern Italy. And again thanks to the internet I approached the world of eyewear in which I worked hard learning that with method and a lot of grit it is possible to achieve any desired result.
In the time since I approached the world of vision, I decided to specialize in Optometry and Sport Vision. I realized that by combining the enhancement of mental, physical and visual performance, results beyond all limits can be achieved.
My entire professional career to date has taken place in the commercial field and above all in personal growth in contact with people who have led me to be Who I Am Today!

YES! I am a Happy person who Lives his days with Will, Courage and Hunger for Wisdom! I will be happy if you want to contribute to your personal, professional and sporting success!

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