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2023: Are We Still Slaves to Our Habits?

2023: Are We Still Slaves to Our Habits?

In the heart of 2023, we find ourselves questioning our relationship with habits. In an increasingly digitalized world, where technology permeates every aspect of our lives, it's legitimate to ask: have we become slaves to our routines?

The era of technology has brought both blessings and curses. On one hand, digital innovations have granted us unimaginable convenience and efficiency. On the other, they have created new dependencies. Our first thought in the morning is often about the cellphone on our nightstand. Social media, designed to connect us, sometimes isolate us, trapping us in a loop of continuous comparison and instant gratification.

Despite this, 2023 also offers us unique opportunities. Growing awareness of the importance of mental health is pushing us to reconsider our daily habits. Wellness initiatives, meditation, and mindfulness are becoming increasingly popular, highlighting a collective aspiration for change.

Remote work, a phenomenon that exploded in recent years, has forced us to reinvent our work routines. For many, this has meant more flexibility and autonomy. However, it has also blurred the lines between work and personal life, creating the need for new habits to maintain a healthy balance.

So, how can we break free from these invisible chains? The key might lie in self-awareness. Recognizing our harmful habits is the first step to transforming them. Then, instead of trying to completely eliminate these habits, we could focus on modifying them so that they better serve our interests and well-being.

For instance, instead of eliminating the use of social media, we could limit its use to certain times of the day, freeing up time for more meaningful activities. Similarly, we could structure our workday at home to include regular breaks and activities that take us away from the screen.

2023 challenges us to become masters of our habits, rather than remaining their slaves. It's an invitation to reconsider what we do automatically every day and ask ourselves: do these habits really improve my life? The answer to this question could be the key to a healthier and more satisfying future.


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by Alessandro Garau - Senior Professional Mental Coach


Alessandro Garau is a renowned Senior Mental Coach, with deep experience in managing the balance between awareness and responsibility. Born in Sardinia and residing in Modena since 2006, Alessandro has dedicated the past years to perfecting his understanding of the delicate balances that guide our daily lives. With extensive training in Life, Business, and Sport Coaching, Alessandro has collaborated with numerous clients, helping them discover the power of awareness and transform thoughts into effective actions.

His studies with masters like Tim Gallwey, Martin Seligman, Daniel Goleman, Albert Bandura, Giorgio Nardone, and Filippo Ongaro have enriched his expertise, allowing him to develop a unique and personalized approach.

Specialized in Life and Sport Coaching, Alessandro has contributed to improving the lives of hundreds of clients, achieving significant results and participating in various editorial projects. He is co-author of the books "La Vita che Vuoi Davvero" (Coaching Strategies) and "La Vita che Vuoi Davvero" (Sport Coaching Strategies), written with Antonella Iannò and Vincenzo Cosenza. Recently, he published "Mente Vincente," a practical guide dedicated to the transformative power of Mental Coaching.

Alessandro, with his holistic approach and entrepreneurial experience, is capable of addressing complex challenges and ambitious goals of his clients. He offers coaching sessions both in-person and remotely, in Italy and abroad.

If you are looking for a professional who can help you explore the dynamic balance between awareness and responsibility, to realize your full potential, Alessandro Garau is the coach for you. With his personalized guidance and vast experience, he will accompany you on your journey of personal growth and transformation.

For more information or to get in touch with Alessandro Garau, visit his website and discover how Mental Coaching can bring extraordinary change to your life.



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